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The precept is the parish council's share of the council tax and is set by the parish council during the summer, for the following financial year. The figure goes to the billing authority, Herefordshire Council, which converts it into an amount per Council Tax Band that is added onto the Council Tax bill. The precept is then collected as part of Council Tax paid by all residents. The amount of the precept and the purpose that the parish council puts it to, are visible in the minutes of meetings

Due to the impact of Coronavirus over 5.5 million people are claiming Universal Credit. Many of them are new to claiming Universal Credit having been negatively impacted by Coronavirus.

For anyone who is new to Unversal Credit, here’s the guide to help local people navigate claiming.


C1095 Wormsley, from 19th July. See Notice and Map

Neighbourhood Matters is a new community messaging service. Through Neighbourhood Matters you can sign up for local police alerts; receive information about crime in your area, find out about drop-in sessions, answer surveys, and more.

You can choose exactly what type of alert you want to receive and how you receive them, whether it be via text, email or phone call.

Sign up using this link

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