Foxley Housing Estate

Photos from around 1952 - 1960 kindly donated by past residents of Foxley

Photos from Colin Keates

Colin outside his house at Foxley

Playing in the garden

Playing with friends at Foxley

Playing with friends on the see-saw

Photos from Phil Bufton

Out with the dog
Our house
Mum, Mary Bufton
Mum outside our house

Photos from Denis and Robin Compton

Photos from Paula Ashworth (nee King)

Paula as a baby with Grandma Baldwin
Paula's mum at Foxley
Paula as a toddler playing in the fields
Paula with Foxley in the background

Photos from Ken Morgan

Mrs Molly Morgan holding baby Phil after his Christening at Mansel Lacy Church 1953 with brothers Ken and Mike at the front
Wilfred Morgan holding baby Phil with Ken (eldest) and Mike outside their house no.341
Ken on his trike
Nan, Emily Mumford with baby Phil, Ken (at the back), Mike and cousins Brian and Sue Bury

Ken's Identity Card

Ken's Identy Card

Photos from Stasia Dzierza

Posing with sister - covered walkway in the background

Checking out the motorbike

Mum and sister

First communion

Birthday party

Playing in the snow

Photos from Jenny Kettle

Social evening at the Club

Picnic with friends in the fields around Foxley

Corpus Christi

Dance at the Club

Photos from Henry Pawlowicz

Henry's father was a keen amateur photographer. The following photographs are from his vast collection showing life on Foxley Camp and provide excellent images of what the camp was like

All push! Fun in the fields at Foxley

More snow

Henry in the barrel!

Henry's father Zbegniew Pawlowski outside the family house

(note the coal bunker outside each home)

 Zbegniew after qualifying as a psychiatric nurse and teacher

Henry taking part in a Children's concert

Out for a walk with friends

Photo opportunity at the bendy tree

Foxley School photograph

Procession of Petals

Main procession

Communion (large group)

Christening Party

Play time

The childminder

Homes were demolished as families moved out and children played in the ruins